Robert Munning artist

Residing in the southern part of the Netherlands, Dutch artist Robert Munning (born in 1981) lives close to a National Park, often seeking inspiration in its surroundings. Having completed his psychology degree in 2004, Robert has dedicated himself to working with mentally disabled individuals while simultaneously pursuing his artistic endeavors part-time in his home studio.

Beyond his commitment to psychology and art, Robert harbors a profound passion for travel. His adventurous spirit has led him on numerous backpacking journeys across the globe, enriching his experiences and perspectives through exploration and cultural immersion.


Robert has developed a distinctive painting style that captivates viewers with its mysterious aura and introspective resonance. His work predominantly revolves around portraying people and their emotions, sometimes set against the backdrop of nature. 

His work invites viewers into a contemplative journey where the mysterious and the introspective converge to evoke a profound emotional response.